About Changsha

Changsha is the hometown of Chairman Mao (Zedong Mao), the founder of the People's Republic of China. Changsha is the capital city of Hunan province, located in south central China with a population of 7.22 million and an area of 1,909 km². It is a beautiful city, known as a “mountain-water-shoal city”. The beautiful Xiang River runs through the city from south to north, Yuelu mountain (national AAAAA class tourist attraction) is located on the west bank of the river, and Yuelu Academy (the most ancient academy in China, referred to as the “thousand-year academy”) is situated at the foot of Yuelu Mountain. Changsha is a “China Sustainable City” evaluated by the United Nations Development Programme and one of the Best Conference Cities in China. The cuisine in Changsha, known as Xiang Cuisine, is very delicious and world renowned. In addition, the fireworks produced in Hunan are famous throughout the world and have been used in numerous international events, such as the Olympic Games.