Healthy Buildings 2019 Asia is going to be a highly multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary conference, with a theme of “Healthy buildings to bridge healthy cities and healthy people”. The topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Building sciences
 Low and zero energy building technology
 Life cycle assessment of buildings
 Building construction management
 Indoor air quality
 Retrofit of buildings
 New and advanced building materials
 Relationship between indoor and outdoor environment
 Buildings simulation, prediction and measurement methods
2. Building and people
 Occupant behavior: Impact, modeling and prediction
 Health and indoor/outdoor environment
 Thermal comfort
 Medical science, public health, epidemiology
 Disease transmission in buildings
 Health of children and the elderly
3. Building and city
 Urban building planning and management
 Urban heat island
 Policy, standards, regulations and guidelines
 Productivity and economics
4. Emerging and future healthy buildings issues
 Climate change
 Heat-related diseases
 Burden of diseases
 Impact of energy policy
 Applications of virtual reality in buildings
 Applications of artificial intelligence in buildings