History of Healthy Buildings
Healthy Buildings, a flagship international conference of ISIAQ, has a unique history in bringing together researchers from diverse backgrounds to discuss the multi-disciplinary sciences behind healthy buildings. Since first organized in 1988 in Stockholm, Sweden, Healthy Buildings has experienced 12 editions as follows:

 Healthy Buildings 1988, Stockholm, Sweden
 Healthy Buildings 1991, Washington, USA
 Healthy Buildings 1994, Budapest, Hungary
 Healthy Buildings 1995, Milan, Italy
 Healthy Buildings 1997, Bethesda, USA
 Healthy Buildings 2000, Helsinki, Finland
 Healthy Buildings 2003, Singapore
 Healthy Buildings 2006, Lisbon, Portugal
 Healthy Buildings 2009, New York, USA


 Healthy Buildings 2012, Brisbane, Australia
 Healthy Buildings 2015, Europe, Eindhoven, Netherlands
 Healthy Buildings 2015, America, Boulder, USA
 Healthy Buildings 2017, Europe, Lublin, Poland
 Healthy Buildings 2017, Asia, Tainan, Taiwan, China